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A Paradise for Fly Fishing - Slovenia

Slovenia is a true paradise for fly fishing with its crystal clear water and beautiful landscape.
If you have never fly fished before you can take courses where you learn how it all works. NOVASOL holiday homes in Slovenia offer you everything that is necessary for a relaxed and delightful holiday.
In Slovenia you can explore the beautiful nature with lakes and rivers, forests and fields. The romantic surroundings invite you to relax. If you go fly fishing maybe you can take pictures of the fish you catch while also showing off the amazing landscape.
There are many different kinds of fish in the lakes and rivers of Slovenia. Some are trout, salmon and carp among many others. With a NOVASOL holiday home in Slovenia it will be easy for you to explore all of these exciting attractions.
A holiday in Slovenia with NOVASOL will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Your experiences here will surely motivate you to visit Slovenia more than once.