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Telemark – nature experiences all year

When staying in a NOVASOL holiday home in Norway in the region of Telemark you should visit the town Rjukan situated below the National Park Hardangervidda between Mjøsvatn and Tinnsjøen. The city and the area is most known for Gaustatoppen, with its great skiing and hiking possibilities in addition to the heavy water sabotages during 2.nd world war. Rjukan is situated in a valley and during winter you hardly see the sun, but a 100 year idea has been realized by building 3 big mirrors on the mountain side providing sun in the market square of Rjukan.
To stay in a holiday home in Telemark region is beautiful all year, go across country skiing, down hill skiing or ice climbing during winter at either Gaustatoppen, at Rauland or Vierli. During the summer season there are many possibilities for fishing in the lakes in Telemark. You can go hiking in the mountains, where you can choose challenging trips or just go looking for berries and mushrooms. And if you are lucky you might find some of the tasty and rare cloudberries.
Take a day trip from your holiday home and go hiking in the Gaustatoppen Mountain preferable in August and September when the nature stands in its magnificent autumn colors. At the top of the mountain you have a panoramic view to one sixth of Norways mainland and you have access to a small hut. This is a perfect day trip for most people and is fitted for families as well.
Collecting crownberries is one of the preferred activities in autumn. This species grows preferred in Scandinavia and marmelades and chutneys are made of it. It is very healthy due its vitamins. Collecting them is a good opportunity to see the fabulous landscapes of Telemark.
Rent a NOVASOL holiday home at Rauland, Vierli or Rjukan and experience the region Telemark inland.