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Visit Marseille, France

Marseille is the third biggest urban region in France. This city was founded during the time of the Romans and because of its history it is one of the most interesting cities in France. In this region you can also find the fortress ‘Chateau d’If’, which is the fortress that appears in the famous novel “The Count of Monte Cristo”.
Today Marseille is a Mediterranean city with a lot of NOVASOL holiday homes and apartments which assures all our guests great opportunities for accommodations. The harbor of Marseille is one of France’s most important accesses to the Mediterranean Sea. It has developed over centuries and turned into the center of trading in this region and so it became an important business factor of France’s industry. The harbor handles goods with a value of over 100 million euros each year.
The culture of this city was formed by influence from many international and Mediterranean people. You can say that Marseille is the city, where people of all Mediterranean cultures have made their cultural contribution. During recent years Marseille has been redesigned to increase its beauty even more for tourist purposes. The government created and built new parks, cinemas and restaurants as well as art galleries and other cultural places were built.
The cuisine of Marseille is simple but fine with the typical note of the French cuisine. A usually known dish is the so called “Bouillabaisse”. The recipe was created in Marseille and originally it was a meal made from leftovers of the fishers’ seafood who would then cook a soup of non-sold fish, crabs and shells.
Marseille is really worth a trip. It is a true adventure and a special experience to visit this southern part of France. A NOVASOL holiday home in Provence is an ideal place to start your daily trips and the accessibility of Marseille has been increased with connections to a high speed rail road network.
NOVASOL offers a huge variety of accommodations here. Either holiday homes in Marseille or in Provence for the family or your significant other; anything is possible.